Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RIP Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne was a fitness guru from the 1950s, and he was quite a man. Partly this was because he was able to work an all in one bright blue Lycra number well into his nineties. But in addition to this if it weren't for him we wouldn't have jumping jacks - I kid you not... Well actually we'd have them but they'd probably be called a side-straddle hop. Not quite as catchy I think you'll agree.

But where as he was responsible for no doubt thousands of people's weight loss - he was actually in my younger years partly responsible for why my once svelte body grew a lumpy layer of lard. It was back in my university years that I first discovered him. I was watching infomercials - one of my favorite TV hobbies. At that stage Jack LaLanne was famous for his juicer. Honestly it was amazing... you could even juice the pips and everything. I wanted one.... I needed one... I couldn't afford one. So instead I sat for hours watching the amazing commercial drinking beer and eating student fare such as kebabs and currys. See I told you he was to blame - it was all him, not my doing at all.

I never got his juicer - I did however once buy a set of knives, including one that could cut through coke cans and frozen spinach. Frozen spinach!!! Sorry, I digress...

Anyway on hearing the sad news that Jack LaLanne recently passed away I decided to dedicate my weeks dieting to him. I didn't opt for his juice diet, but one from his early days. Essentially it goes a little like this...

Breakfast: An egg and or meat, toast with honey and fruit.
Lunch: A raw vegetable salad and meat or cottage cheese.
Dinner: Meat or fish, vegetables... then a bowl of fruit, yogurt and honey.

And I learnt this week I can largely stick to this diet for once reason - the toast. If you know you have toast coming you are less tempted by the other sinful snacks (less tempted not completely un-tempted... but onto my inevitable cheating in a bit)... toast is the secret. It's like all your dieting needs combined in one. It gives you texture... sweetness... toast... carbs. Start the day with a piece of toast and a thin body you will boast. Spread the word.

He also advocated having a glass of wine if you felt like one - I did many nights this week. And he recommended exercising daily - i didn't many days this week. He also had a daily facial exercise you had to do. It is amazing. I would recommend looking it up on you tube and doing it. I don't know if it actually makes a difference but will make you smile.

Now onto the cheating... I was actually pretty good this week. All I had was....

5 Pringles
2 small new potatoes
2 Poppadoms
One chocolate pudding (valentines day ... probably can't be classed as good non cheating. was super tasty though)

For me though when it comes to cheating that's not bad! And neither was my weight loss... two pounds down this week. So thank you Jack LaLanne for providing me with a diet that I liked and enjoyed enough to cheat less. I won't be donning the blue Lycra body suit quite yet though.

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