Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The secret no bride will ever reveal...

After weeks of falling off it... I've never been so firmly on the diet wagon. I have discovered willpower unbeknown to me before. Willpower could be my middle name. Cakes... don't want them. Biscuits... nope. Burgers and Pies - not interested. Glass of wine... well maybe occasionally. I can hear dieters around the world asking me "what is your secret oh great converted diet cheater?"
So I will tell you... Wedding dresses.
Now before you think - how sweet she's found the perfect dress (there is a reason I'm trying to skinify myself)... I haven't. You couldn't be further from the truth. I did have a trying on session though... And it wasn't like the movies. Because during this session I discovered the one secret brides must have been concealing for years... Or at least some of them.
The horrible truth is that some designers sizes are so small you have to order several up from the size you are. For instance if you're a size 14... you could be talking a size 18 dress - one forum I read a size 14 curvy lady had to order a size 20! I for one am not walking down the aisle in a size 20 dress, even if inside I know it's not one... Hence the fact I'm now dieting harder than ever before. It may mean that I get so skinny my head looks like a lollipop.
This has been quite secret because why would brides openly gloat about the issue? In truth you'd cut the label out the dress, burn it... And never talk about it again.
So now onto my dieting this week. I chose to go for the Atkins diet - I attempted it in the early weeks but manipulated the diet into the one where I made up my own rules based on the social situation I was in, and ended up eating two battered sausages and a McDonalds. So I was determined to stick to it, and with my newfound willpower I did.
I managed to shave three pounds off my total weight this week - I feel thinner, I'm not as hungry... I'm less bloated, and feel like I'm getting somewhere. As you know low carb lifestyles work for me, and I've atkined before and will again. I know there's always a lot of talk about how it impacts your health - cream, butter, and bacon... It's got to be doing some bad. But I also take the approach it's only for a limited time, and if you loose weight that's a positive.
On the negative if you really stick to it side you smell... You wake up with a furry, fuzzy mouth... Without getting to Gillian Mckeith on you all your body is a bit clogged up. You also, for my liking, don't get enough fruit and vegetables - and as opposed to being someone who avoids these things I love them. And you end up eating things like this...

...Because if craving bread this is the option. A flaxseed loaf - made of butter, baking soda, flaxseed and two eggs. All cooked lovingly in the microwave for three minutes. In real life it's disgusting, in diet land it's doable... Especially with cream cheese (full fat) and maybe some bacon. I feel greasy just reliving my week fully on the atkins.
So all these weeks in I've finally managed to stick to a diet - to the point when I was at a "not socially acceptable to diet" event I coped. Having pre-ordered a fish pie and chips months in advance at a work do... I physically scrapped ever bit of potato of the fish.. Abandoned the chips, and had just a few bits of fish and vegetables. That's impressive! I did have wine... But dry wine which is the lowest carbs, and is allowed on weeks other than week one of Atkins so I'm going to let that slide.
So three pounds down... now I just need to loose three dress sizes so that come my wedding I can wear the same dress size I do now. Life sucks.

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  1. Congrats, didn't know you were getting hitched, hurrah!!!

    Have you tried the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet? It's amazing, protein for break, protein for lunch but then for 1 hour a day eat whatever you like. It works like a miracle, honestly, I lost 5 pounds in a week on it (after being stuck at the same weight for weeks). It's so much easier than Atkins (my pee smelled like Chicken, another food ruined, thanks Dr Atkins), weight lost but no side effects. It's been my favourite diet so far.

    Anywho just to say, glad you are still blogging, really enjoy reading it.

    Stay Hungry!