Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hey.. you win some, you lose some. Or in my case you lose none.

When you're dieting for a long time you're always going to experience highs and lows... good days and bad days... ups and down. The up this week was I found a diet I love. The down? I didn't actually lose any weight.

But that's not to say I wouldn't have... if I'd managed to stick to it. As a wise man once said every path has its puddles. This week my path had an unavoidable flood in the form of a long weekend away that it was impossible to diet on. Most dieting books or magazines will tell you that it's never impossible - trust me... It was.

So I had four amazing days of dieting, followed by three days of eating amazingly... which although meant I didn't manage to shift any of my lard, the plus side was I didn't add to it. So on to the actual diet.

This week I opted for the Hay Diet. Initially I was drawn in and intrigued by the prospect of eating like a farm animal for a week - after all you rarely see a fat horse. But can humans actually eat hay? As always the Internet was quick to provide the answer to my searching question - surprisingly apparently yes you can. The Internet was also quick to tell me there was no need for me to do this. The Hay Diet was only called that because Doctor Hay invented it. Less exciting...

Essentially the Hay Diet is food combining. But it's a fab diet - and I wish I could stick at it for another week to see how much weight I'd had if it hadn't been for my three day fat binge. It takes a little getting used to but essentially you can only eat certain foods together. In group A you have proteins, dairy and fruit like berries... Group B consists nuts and fats... and Group C is your carbs and fruit like bananas. You can mix group A and B, group C and B... but never A and C. Vegetables pretty much go with everything and should make up the main part of any meal, and you should try and eat fruit alone. Like I said... it takes a bit of getting used to. Oh and one important bit you can drink wine with group A, and beer with group C. Beer on a diet?? I know - I couldn't believe it either!

So my days normally started out with fruit for breakfast, a jacket potato with a little butter and a big salad for lunch, and some sort of meat or fish and vegetables for lunch. Sometimes a chicken salad for lunch, and pasta and tomato sauce for tea. All very yum... So why couldn't I stick to it completely?

Well the place I stayed for the weekend was just very limited and I was celebrating and didn't want to only eat mushroom risotto. All they offered at lunch was sandwiches - under food combining I could have had a lettuce sandwich... or thinking of it now I could have had a banana one. And for breakfast... well thinking of it now I could have just had scrambled eggs and bacon instead of the full works.

So maybe in hindsight I could have stuck to it - it's just another classic case of me being rubbish! But I did have a fun weekend... and as another wise man once said "enjoy life. This isn't a dress rehearsal"... And so I will... just maybe I'll enjoy it a little bit less this week!

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