Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And so the results are in and....

.... I wanted to write the sound of a drum roll here, but google was not forthcoming with the goods. So imagine a drum roll.... and this week I lost 2 pounds!

So it seems eating the viking way pays off, which is strange as in my head vikings are fat and eat lots of chicken legs. In reality it's a pretty simple diet, and as i said before no processed food, just lots of fresh stuff. I'm not going to bore you with the detail of what I ate for every meal... One thing I will say is whilst I ate like a viking (except the puffin) I doubt I cooked like one. It felt a bit elaborate to conjure up a camp fire for the sake of cooking an omelette (apparently a favourite with vikings according to the magazine I stole the diet from... was it really? really?) I ate a lot of omelettes though despite my doubts.

I will however tell you what I have learnt this past week.... before admitting something.

Rye Bread. I don't know why in a modern age this still exists. We have nice bread now... I tried to like it, I really did. As any veteran dieter will say if you're allowed a food on your diet you will try your hardest to eat it. So i piled on smoke salmon, hid it under grilled sardines... but I was not to be convinced. The end result is I have a packet of rye bread which will remain in my cupboard forever more - only to be sent to some future harvest festival when I have kids. (Given I do not this gives an indication of how long it will be left uneaten)

Curly Kale. I went into this diet already hating this... and surprising don't, as long as it's sauteed and a little bit of salt is added. Then it's alright... tastes like seaweed from the chinese. So essentially I like the healthy veg, as long as I make it unhealthy. Try it though, is very good.

Roll mops: couldn't bring myself to put it in my mouth so will never know.

Now onto my confession, because one reason I started this blog is I thought by making my diets public it would be harder to cheat. So I'm going to be honest from the start - this week I cheated just a little titchy bit. Some of it was accidental.. on the first day I accidently ordered a diet coke, and didn't really think about fact Vikings wouldn't have had it. I'm sure they would have loved it though so am going to let it slide. It was the wine I had at the weekend that probably didn't help my weight loss! But hey ho there's always going to be weeks where the lardy girl comes out to play (in fact will probably happen at some point most weeks)... and vikings drunk beer so surely that's worse?

Next up the eat every thirteen minutes diet... one day in and am already regretting this whole ordeal... wish me luck and speak next week x

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