Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A leopard never changes his spots.

And sadly neither does a diet cheater. I wanted to be able to say to you this week that I had stuck one hundred percent to the cabbage soup diet. Just so that you wouldn't think i was some sort of diet floozy. I'm not a dieter that fools around with wine and chocolate without any consideration for others. I can be committed. I can eat just celery if needs be, and I was determined to show that... after two solid weeks of essentially failing and eating the occasional bit of lard.

But the thing is a diet is like a good relationship. Firstly you have to have something in common. My belly may occasionally resemble a cabbage - but that's as far as it goes in this instance. You have to get on - we did not. You have to look forward to your future.... with the exception of the jacket potato i was allowed on day two I did not. That potato tasted amazing though. Really, really good.

The upshot of all of this...  I cheated on my diet with one of my best friends. The shame. I don't regret a thing though... Sometimes circumstances overtake your ability to only eat cabbage. In this instance my friend got engaged. There is no way the champagne was not going to flow - and anyway bubbles don't weight much, surely not??

The main problem with the cabbage soup diet was that it was hard to get back on track. I cheated and missed the banana and milk day... should i still do that? or skip to the veg and rice day?

At this point I should probably explain the diet for those that are not familiar ( and if you're not woo hoo for you!). Essentially you eat cabbage soup.. which whilst most reviews say is bland, i quite liked. But you are so limited with other food. Day one - soup and fruit. Day Two - soup and veg, and the beloved potato... just one though. Day three - soup and fruit and veg. Day four - soup and bananas and milk.. that's where i lost the plot. So after that I just stuck on day five like a bad record on loop... soup, beef and vegetables.

So the outcome of the week? Well despite my promiscuous diet ways I actually lost two and a half pounds... which does make you think... perhaps the cabbage soup diet does have a future in my life? perhaps I could make this diet work after all? Should I give it another go?...... The quick answer has to be no, although with two and a half pounds lost... i do end the week feeling quite satisfied.

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